Funding to Help Grow Your Business

ThriveCo offers two opportunities for our members to access the funds they need to launch or support the ongoing operations of their businesses. These two opportunities are further described below.


Small Business Loans: Healing Hearts Bank

ThriveCo has developed a partnership with Healing Hearts Bank, a microlending program that provides non-traditional microloans for underserved individuals in the St. Louis community. Qualifying members of ThriveCo will have the ability to apply for funding from Healing Hearts Bank for the purposes of launching and sustaining their business.


Venture Capital: MultiPass

ThriveCo has also partnered with MultiPass, a global network of innovative spaces. MultiPass has created a venture arm to invest in early stage technology companies led by women and underrepresented minorities. This venture capital fund is exclusively available to businesses located within MultiPass partner spaces. Qualifying ThriveCo members have the opportunity to apply for funding to support their business from this $10,000,000 fund.


Interested in learning more about how you could access funds at ThriveCo to help launch or support your business? Contact us.