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Concierge Services

Need to hire an administrative assistant? Need a brochure? Want to build up your network? Our concierge services are designed to be highly customizable so that you are investing in exactly what your company needs to thrive. We meet with interested members and figure out how ThriveCo can help in their journey to grow a successful business. With our concierge services, you invest in what will help you thrive, without having to pay for extra unnecessary services. Concierge services are currently available to ThriveCo members renting space in one of our offices or coworking space.

ThriveCo Coworking Space, Gears turning to represent sources of capital

Sources of Capital

In the spirit of paying it forward, we have formed a partnership with a micro lending fund that's exclusively available to our members. Qualifying members in need of a low-interest, small business loan to start or further their business can apply. When members pay back their loan payments, that money goes back into the fund to help the next ThriveCo member in need of financial support. Qualifying ThriveCo members also have access to a $10 million venture capital fund for the purposes of growing and sustaining their businesses. Contact us to learn more about these unique opportunities.

ThriveCo Coworking Space, fitness class, exclusive work perks

Exclusive Work Perks

We partner with local companies willing to provide our members with exclusive discounts and opportunities. Contact us to learn more about the work perks available to ThriveCo members.